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This blog entry will provide you an example how to create a simple jsp portlet in liferay.

Following are the simple steps for creating customize portlet in liferay.

I am assuming that you have set up an ext environment properly under you IDE if not please go liferay throuh wiki or just leave comment

configuration files required for creating jsp portlet are ..

1. portlet-ext.xml
2. liferay-portlet-ext.xml
3. liferay-display.xml

the above file are present under directory


write following snippet of code under portlet-ext.xml



your liferay-portlet-ext.xml should be as..


3} under liferay-display.xml

<category name=”category.firstJSP”>
<portlet id=”EXT_1″ />

Dat’s hit for configuration files now for front end create a file view.jsp under  directory structure


with simple gretings

<h1>Hello Liferay World</h1>

now go the file structure


and add this new entries in file

javax.portlet.title.EXT_1=JSP Portlet

category.firstJSP=First Portlet

and dats hit for creating a simple jsp portlet

After this steps do “ant deploy”  from  “ext”.

You will be getting the message “BUILD SUCCESSFUL”.  // if this is done you will bw delighted

Now start your server and login as admin (test user by default),

go to the navigation dock->Add Aplication-> First Portlet->JSP Portlet.

Nishikant Sapkal.
opensource Team,
Zensar Technologies,


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Alfresco Enable CIFS server on windows XP

Alfresco CIFS Server enables the user to access the Alfresco Repository as we access our Windows Explorer.
Following are the steps to unable Alfresco CIFS server on windows XP.

Step 1) Copy the following files into ..WINDOWS\system32 folder from directory :<Alfresco HOme>\bin

Step 2) Add following section in the Alfresco Global properties ::
#CIFS custom configuration

Step 3) Update the following files with the appropriate values ::
<Alfreco HOme>\tomcat\webapps\alfresco\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\subsystems\fileServers\default\file-servers.properties

cifs.domain=IND #Zensar Domain for the machine.
cifs.broadcast= #Use the subnet mask from ipconfig command
cifs.bindto= # Use the current machine IP address
cifs.disableNativeCode=false (more…)

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Drupal provides module for integrating alfresco with drupal.
Name of the Drupal module is “CMIS & CMIS ALFRESCO.”

Please follow below steps for successful integration of Alfresco with Drupal:-

1.Install clean Drupal setup on your system.
2.Set up Alfresco installation(default phpmyadmin will install,but install it in different port).
3.Download and Install the Alfresco FSR (File System Receiver).
4.Start the Java library apache-xmlrpc in to Alfresco.(Set the class paths for .jar files)
5.Download and Install Alfresco_deployment module into Drupal directory.
6.Login to Drupal administrator Panel.Go to Content Management–>Alfresco Content ->It will give the option to upload content from Alfresco repository and the data will be stored in the Drupal Database as a nodes.

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